Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"A day in the life" redux: what do scientists outside of academia do?

A few weeks ago I launched this challenge to blog a day in the life of a new (or not so new) academic lab head (here), so that new PIs would not feel so alone in their quest for setting up a lab and trainees would figure out what we do in our offices all day. I had asked my readers to pick 3 random days and I would blog about everything that went on during my day. There is still one day left, but I feel like shaking things up a bit. Multiple people participated and we managed to get a nice cross section of PIs (see mine and links below here and here). What I would like to do for the last day, November 9th, is to get scientists who have left academia to blog their day, instead.

After all, our trainees see what we do every day and now have multiple posts with more details. But what to people outside academia really do? I think very few of us actually know what goes on in the real world. So I reached out to @Doctor_PMS and @inbabyattachmode, who have recently left academia per jobs in sales and industry R&D, respectively, and to PharmaFriend who had guest blogger for me on industry interviews (here) and works in marketing. On November 9th PharmaFriend will take over my blog and the others will blog on theirs, so we'll see what they do with their days.

If you are a scientist who has left academia and is working in industry, policy, law, journalism, anything, tell us about your day on November 9th or any other day you think is interesting. I'll collect all the links at the end of this post.

@Doctor_PMS - Scientific equipment sales

@inbabyattachmode - Biotech R&D

PharmaFriend - Big pharma medical communication


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  2. good decision and I really appreciate it. By this readers like me can see actually what is happening in your lab and your day what you do. And I things all trainee should participate with you.