Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The first rule of Academic Speakeasy...

Academic Speakeasy will be a monthly appointment to privately and anonymously discuss academic life and struggles (see blog post). This is how it's going to work.
  • 5 minutes before chat start time @Professor_Chat will post the link and password for the Niltalk chat room 
  • you can choose whatever name you like: your real name, your Twitter handle or a different name every single time
  • in the chat room DO NOT CLICK the "Dispose" button. Niltalk is set up so that every member can cancel the chat at any time. Please, let the moderators do that
  • we will chat for an hour or less about the topic (for the first time about how to set up)
  • be courteous, be constructive and feel free to share
  • the Niltalk chat will be destroyed as soon as it ends and no record will be kept
If you are also interested in an open chat on Twitter post topics on @Professor_Chat and we'll try and make it happen.


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