Lab-things we like

Some of the things we bought that we really really like. If we write a full review because it's an innovative/unusual products, I will link to the post.

Eppendorf Research Plus Pipettes: Love, love, love our new pipettes, they are light, easy to use and overall awesome. Negotiated the price to the death across 4 different vendors and got a great deal!

My Picus
Biohit Picus Electronic Pipette: ok, this was a little bit of a splurge, but I love my Picus so much! We just bought 3 for special applications (two 100-5,000ul and one 5-120ul). For multi-well work in tissue culture where I do frequent treatments and medium changes, my 5ml Picus saves time, is more accurate than a pipetman and allows me to regulate outflow speed so that I don't wash away the cells. In the lab the smaller one, keeps track which well you're in in a 96-well plate so that you don't make a mistake, it does titrations and dilutions.

Integra Pipetboy: we liked these not only because you could get them in different colors, so that the tissue culture one NEVER EVER sets foot in the lab, but also because they have a few cool features such as changeable batteries and a light to better visualize the liquid level in the pipette...and they were on sale.

Small equipment:
MyFUGE(TM) Mini Centrifuge: we just bought mini centrifuges for the lab from Denville and I thought I'd throw in one 12 tube/4 PCR strip on to keep by the PCR machines. Love this thing! The small 6-tube mini centrifuges always annoyed me because you can only spin very few tubes at a time and the MyFUGE is absolutely great. It's compact and spins anything you want, tubes or strips without changing rotors. Ask for a good quote on this, since you can get it way cheaper than list price.

Getting fridges and freezers for cheap

Product reviews:
Life Technologies Bolt Electrophoresis System and Gels
Millipore SNAP i.d. Western detection system
Applied Biosystems Veriti 96-well Thermal Cycler
Quartzy for order and inventory management
Alternative DNA stains: Biotium GelRed


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